~~The following is a testimonial espousing the skills of Dr. Jaime Ouellette Lemek:

Earlier this week, my email account lit up with Facebook notifications in response to an announcement of the imminent opening of the chiropractic office of Dr. Jaime Ouellette Lemek. In her blog she happened to say thanks to me for helping with some of the work constructing her new office.  While I heartily thank her for her appreciation of my efforts, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that it was her handiwork which allowed me to help with that work.  I wanted to see her be able to help others.

Three to four years ago, a relatively constant pain of my legs, hips, and back was a companion I didn’t need.  Although in my early fifties, I had maintained a good exercise regiment throughout my life as an aging but game basketball player.  I ran to get in and stay in shape.  I stretched as well, yet my muscles still felt tight and agitated.  I exercised regularly, thinking that, by exercising my body would adapt back to the correct muscle tension.  It didn’t work.  Still tight and still with some pain.

Finally I went to a chiropractor, wondering if my linkage was somehow in discord.  The chiropractor gave me 15 minutes of heat therapy, a light massage, and an attempt at a manipulation.  I went to three weeks of appointments, twice a week, without noticeable effect. My condition didn’t improve but the treatment actually aggravated the situation.   Dissatisfied, I sought help through other clinicians.  Nothing helped as I was still slightly misaligned, always tight and pulling.

My niece (yes, she married my nephew) had a practice so I decided to give it a try.  Dr. Jaime listened carefully as I described my physical issues to her.  She put me through a few more tests and announced that my spine and hips were out of alignment.  One leg rode higher than the other, putting stress on the whole system.  She gave me a manipulation that didn’t hurt, but in fact, re-aligned me properly.  I could feel it immediately, walking out of the appointment with a reasonable level of comfort.

After a couple more manipulations, I grew stronger. That was two years ago.  I have been pain-free and very active ever since. 

Dr. Jaime’s experience and knowledge really did change my life, physically.  She really cares about treating her patients right and for that, I would recommend her chiropractic skills to anyone.

Craig J. Duell - December 10, 2014

I had my first massage with Terri Hallenbeck last week. I don't normally have professional massages done but she was recommended to me by a coworker since my back and shoulders have been bothering me (I am a powerlifter). Terri was incredible- I didn't even have to explain where I was having issues. She did fantastic deep tissue massage and I am still feeling the positive affects days later! I am going to work this into my training routine and plan to see her regularly. Highly recommended!

Kathy L. - June 12, 2018

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed my session yesterday with Terri Hallenbeck. 
She is simply terrific. And I say that as someone who has been getting massages for more than fifteen years. 

Bob S. - June 26, 2018

Dr. Jaime Lemek has been my chiropractor for many years now.  She saved me from significant pain and serious limitations in my back on two occasions and there's no question in my mind about that. she's caring, careful, listens and is very skilled. She provides fantastic care and doesn't do more or less than is necessary.  I couldn't recommend her more highly and am confident that when my back problems act up, she'll help with them.  I also know that Dr. Jaime's regular care staves off problems. she's also just a terrific person, so that's frosting on the cake. She is an exceptional doctor and i feel fortunate to have found her. 

Chris W. - February 1, 2019

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  • "Dr. Jaime is my forever Chiro! I wouldn't go anywhere else. She's gentle but effective, and NOT rushed like other chiropractors seem to be. She's warm, kind and genuinely caring. My son and husband go to Dr. Jaime also and love her. We wouldn't trust anyone else. Very highly recommended. Dr. Lemek."
    Sarah K. - Manchester, CT