According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, and thousands of years of Chinese medical history and practice, there are 44 meridians (or channels) running throughout the body. 

Each meridian connects internally to an organ system and to specific parts of the body all the way out to the extremities; these systemic connections explain the use of points away from the "problem area" (e.g. points on the foot for digestion issues or a headache).  Each meridian has points that run along it, and by inserting needles at those points, acupuncturists move and direct qi ("Chee") as needed.  This method is used to correct imbalances in the body, allowing it to heal naturally.
Qi is much more than "energy" or a "feeling".  When we talk about "moving the qi" or "nourishing the qi", we are talking about affecting a vast array of physiological elements, such as neurotransmitters, nerve impulses, hormone levels, the metabolism, the immune system, the lymphatic system, blood flow, musculature, fascia and more.

Imagine 44 superhighways and roadway systems running all over the body.  as long as there are no accident, roadwork, or weather events, traffic moves smoothly...balanced, free-flowing qi...the body is healthy and at ease.  But if something happens to cause a blockage along on of those roadways, there can be a systemic effect, sometimes backing up traffic quite a ways...unbalanced, stagnant qi flow = the body is in pain, unhealthy or in dis-ease.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a sophisticated healing art that requires extensive training.  A board certified herbalist receives education on the qualities of each individual herb (including any toxicities or contraindications) and mentorship on how to combine them in formulas for treatment.
The herbs work beautifully in synchronicity with one another, working to achieve balance and harmony in the body, which is why the are rarely used separately.  An herbalist prescribes a carefully designed formula to treat the patient's symptoms and underlying condition at the time of the appointment.  The formula is made specifically for each person, depending on what is manifesting for them on that day.  Much like an acupuncture treatment, the formula is tailored for each individual.
The Chinese Materia Medica details thousands of herbal substances for therapeutic use.  At our office we use mostly plant-based, granulated herbal powders which have little to no side effects when taken as prescribed.  the herbs used are from a company that is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by the FDA.
Herbal medicine is a safe and powerful therapy when practiced by a trained herbalist and taken as prescribed for a specific condition.
Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Treat:
Pain of any kind, infertility, hormonal imbalance, menstrual pain or dysfunction, anxiety, sleep disorders, common cold/flu, digestive discomfort, nausea, side effects of conventional treatments, and much more!



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  • "Dr. Jaime is my forever Chiro! I wouldn't go anywhere else. She's gentle but effective, and NOT rushed like other chiropractors seem to be. She's warm, kind and genuinely caring. My son and husband go to Dr. Jaime also and love her. We wouldn't trust anyone else. Very highly recommended. Dr. Lemek."
    Sarah K. - Manchester, CT